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Free webhosting with Freehostia

Hello Readers, Today i am going to tell you about another good free webhosting service provider Freehostia. Freehostia provides bannerless and ads free webhosting free of cost. So those who are looking for a free webhost may find it useful. Many new bloggers want to try thier hands on free webhosting so that they could get familiar with the concept of servers and some people do it to cut their webhosting costs.
Free webhosting service

Uniptech has already shared a few articles for Free webhosting service providers and Free domain name registrations and this post focuses on the same category. You can get a free hosting plan from freehostia, they call it a chocolate plan which comes with plenty of features like auto-script installer for wordpress, joomla, PHP script support, multiple domains & sub domains support and many more. Let us review the complete features of Freehostia webhosting.

Features of Freehostia Webhosting:

  • Ads free and bannerless Linux based Free webhosting plan named Chocolate plan.
  • 250 MB disk space, it is enough to host a website or blog if you don’t have much data.
  • 6 GB monthly bandwidth or Traffic.
  • Talking about the programming languages support now it supports PHP4 and PHP5 scripts, Pearl, Python and many  more.
  • 1 Mysql database that can have multiple database tables in it which can store upto 10MB data. You will also get phpmyadmin for carrying out your database tasks.
  • You can host upto 5 domains and 15 sub domains on it. You may also host 50 parked domains on thgis plan.
  • You will also get full DNS management including modification of MX records, A records and NS records.
  • You may host your site on free sub domain provided by them or you can buy a TLD or ccTLD domain for your site and point it on thier name servers.
  • 3 POP3/IMAP email accounts with webmail and email forwarding support.
  • 40+ auto script installer that includes PHPbb, Wordpress, Joomla and many more.
  • 1 FTP account for easy file uploads with a multi language Control panel.
  • You will get a whole bunch of stats and logs in reports that includes your site stats, web/ftp stats and error logs.

I have mentioned the main features of this free webhosting plan aka the chocolate plan of Freehostia. You may visit them to know the complete features and paid webhosting plans. You should also check my previous posts for free webhosting and free domain name registrations.

I have used its services for practice and college projects. Many people host their blogs and websites on these kind of free hosts and save alot of money. But i recommend if you are a newbie blogger and you want to become a serious Blogger you should go for Google Blogger or Wordpress, they will also help you to save your hosting costs and you will get unmetered traffic as well. If you don’t mind paying for hosting you may go for Hostgator or Godaddy paid web hosting. They provide reliable and quality web hosting.

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