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How to take Full backup of Blogger Blog

Hello Readers, In this post i will tell you how to take complete backup of your Google Blogger Blog with all the data associated with this. Complete backup is mandatory in case you want to migrate from Blogger to some other blogging platform such as Wordpress or to avoid any data loss. Unziptech has always shared useful articles for SEO and Blogging and this post focuses on the same category. Google Blogger is one of the best free Blogging platforms and i like it very much because you are not restricted for badwidth usage, you can create multiple blogs per account as well. But still you should take regular backups of content and template to play safe.
take Full backup of Blogger Blog

Taking backup of your data and template does not take much time and it is very important to avoid any loss. Sometimes people don't follow the terms and conditions of Blogger and it results in blog deletion. But one thing is very sure untill and unless you don't break any rules you are safe on Blogger. So let us take a look on the whole backup process.

Taking backup of Blogger Blog template:

Whenever you do editing in your existing Blogger template, you should take backup of your blogger template so that in case there is some error you can restore your template again. You can follow these steps to take your template's backup:
  • Login to your Blogger account and go to the Dashboard.
  • Click on Template from the dashboard.
  • Now click on Backup/Restore from the upper-right corner as shown in the screenshot below:

  • Now click on "Download full Template" from the pop-up window as shown below:
  • Save the file to your hard drive.
This process takes the backup of your Blogger template only not the data. For the complete backup i.e. Template as well as Data you need to follow below mentioned steps:
  • Login to your Blogger account and go to the Dashboard.
  • Click on Settings from the template.
  • Now go to the others tab from the settings window.
  • Click on Export Blog option from that window as shown below, it will pop-up an alert message.
  • Click on OK and Download the XML file. It is the complete backup of your Blogger Blog including Data and Template in an XML format.
I hope that now you know the importance of taking your Blog's template and you get the whole process. If you still face any problem, you can comment here so that i could help you.

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  1. And what about backing up widgets code? I believe it's not saved with the template.
    I have a couple of HTML/JavaScript widgets on my blog and I cannot find code from them in the exported template file.
    I suppose I could back them up manually, but looking for quicker way.
    Any suggestions?

    1. I guess the full backup thing takes the backup of every includes the template and data associated with it..if you haven't found the widgets code you can take manual backup but i believe it takes complete backup..

  2. Thank you so much for this info. I have heard horror stories about blogs being shut down because they are believed to be spam. I had no idea that the tools to save my blog were right there on the website.

  3. how can the COMPLETE backup be even less than one megabyte???

    I don't get it. What is actually the complete backup?
    I definitely don't have all the pictures, texts, widgets, links and whatever else in that small file... is it just some kind of pointer to the memory where all my files are stored?

    Is it possible tu actually download all of it so that you can, let's say, watch it on a pc without internet connection??
    (I have a travel blog. Now the trip is over and I'm not going to post anything new. I'd just like to safely store a copy of all my work on my harddrive.)