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Sunday, 2 February 2014

How to add a custom 404 page to blogger

Hello Friends, In this post we will check out how to create a custom 404 page for your blog. I hope you already know the meaning of Error 404, i.e. “Page not found”. It is the response error shown by the server when ever the requested page is not present or has been shifted some where else.In that case a user will be shown a default 404 page which is not recommended. If you want your blog to be more user firndly, you should create your own 404 page, so that user does not get annoyed and can be shown a custom message or redirect. In this post, we will only be talking about showing a custom 404 page not the redirect, which we will be learning in the coming blog posts.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Top 5 blogging tips for every blogger

Hello Friends, in this blog post we will learn about some useful blogging tips that would help your blog grow and become successful. Unziptech has already shared many useful articles on blogging tips & SEO and this article will make you learn about more in that the same category. Blogging is not only about sharing articles on your blog but it is provding useful information to your readers that could benefit them. I have been a bit irregular on posting these days, I apologize for that.  I have got emails from many of my readers to write an article on blogging tips, so here it goes. Later in this article we will learn some useful blogging tips that could help your blog grow in terms of audience and rankings.

top blogging tips

Monday, 4 November 2013

Earn money with Yahoo-Bing contextual ads

Hello Readers, Today I will tell you about another great ads network to earn money online. Yahoo and Bing are two big names on internet. These two giants have come together to give publishers an opportunity to monetize their traffic to earn money. Like Adsense, they are 100% legit and high paying ads network. Yahoo and Bing have come up with media[dot]net to serve contextual ads for webmasters. A blog with good traffic and content can easily earn money with Yahoo-Bing contextual ads. Later in this article we will check out some more useful information about Yahoo-Bing ads.

Yahoo-Bing Contextual ads

Sunday, 6 October 2013

How to add DISQUS to blogger easily

Hello Readers, Blog comments are very important for blog owners to get the feedback from our online readers. Blogger comes with a built in commenting system which allow other to post comments on our blog using Google account or Open ID. But these days 3rd party blog commenting or rather comments management systems are very popular because of their features. One of the most widely used 3rd party comments system is DISQUS and nearly 75% of the websites who use 3rd party commenting systems use DISQUS. In this article we will check out the features of DISQUS, commonly asked questions and a tutorial to integrate this blogging system into your blogger’s blog.
DISQUS commenting system

Friday, 26 July 2013

How to boost your subscribers count

Hello Readers, In this post we will talk about how to increase your subscriber's count. Subscribers are the most loyal readers of your blog and they contribute towards your blog in many ways. Subscribers count also show the popularity of your blog. If you write engaging posts and follow right strategies for promoting your content then you can boost your subscribers count to a great extend. In this post we will talk about the strategies that can help you get a good subscribers count.
Increase Subscribers

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Increase blog traffic using referring websites

Hello Readers, Traffic is one of the vital needs of every blog. Every blogger works on increasing their blog traffic. Unziptech has already provided some quality articles on this topic and in this post we will discuss how to increase referral traffic on your blog. Referral traffic is one the main constituent of blog traffic and has its own importance. It significantly helps in increasing the blog traffic. In this article we will get to know more about referral traffic and some great tips to improve blog traffic using referring websites.
Referral traffic

Monday, 1 July 2013

5 Benefits of posting regular on your blog

Hello Readers, In this article we will explore the benefits of posting regular on our blogs. Blogging is all about writing quality blog posts for our blog readers and regular posting gifts us a strong readership. Posting regular is essential if your blog is new because it is the only way that can help you getting recognition in the blogosphere. A regularly updated blog is liked by search engines and they are ranked high in the search engine rankings. Later in this article we will discuss more great advantages of posting regular articles on your blog.
benefits of regular posting

Saturday, 22 June 2013

5 ways of getting active blog readership

Hello Readers, in this article we will learn how to develop an active readership for our blogs. There are many ways of getting an active readership and the most important is killer content. If you value your readers then there is a great chance that you will increase the readership of your blog. Later in this article we will explore some really useful tips that will help you to improve your blog readership.

active blog readers

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Google ability:manage and boost your authorship value

If you've been writing for the online media or for websites, then you must be aware of the term ‘Google ability’. The more you interact on various social media platforms, the higher will be your authorship value. However, there are more than just that for you to discover and so, you must go through the article to find out more about increasing your Google ability. 

google ability and authorship

Monday, 17 June 2013

Pros and Cons for Fulltime Blogging

Creating many blogs online is a good idea on many levels and that’s why so many people desire it. Like any other job, blogging is hard work and this means that it has both advantages and disadvantages depending on what your point of view is at any given moment.
For some people who try blogging for money, the question of whether the venture is worth it or not is a constant issue. Truth is that, blogging may not pay as much as you might imagine. It’s simply not as glamorous as some people make it sound like. Worse still, fulltime blogging may not pay as well as your fulltime job (if you have one) and may take most of your time, leaving you with very little to spare for other projects, compared to a 9-5 job which ends as soon as you leave the office.
full time blogging

Sunday, 16 June 2013

3 On-Page SEO tips for bloggers

Hello Readers, We all know how important SEO or search engine optimization is for our sites and blogs. In this post I will tell you 3 most used on page SEO tips that every blogger must use to optimize their blog for the search engines. These are very basic SEO tips but still very effective and gives a strong foundation to the advance seo for your bloggers blog. A good SEO results in increase of your blog traffic and makes your blog a brand among the other results displayed in SERP (Search engine results page). Unziptech has already provided some basic as well as advance SEO tips for bloggers and this post will talk about the importance of on page SEO.

on page seo

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Understanding Meta Tags and their Importance

Hello Readers, Continuing posting useful SEO and Blogging tips, this article focuses on the importance of Meta Tags. I have been asked by a few newbie bloggers to post about the importance of Meta tags, how they help in optimizing blogs and how to use them. I am writing this post so that all the newbie bloggers could be benefited and share this information. Later in this article we will explore some great and useful information about Meta tags and how they help you improve your blog SEO.

Meta Tags

Friday, 7 June 2013

12 Advanced SEO tips for bloggers

Hello Readers, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has a great importance in blogging. Every blogger wants to optimize their blogs for search engines. This post focuses on how to optimize a blog for the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Unziptech has already shared many articles for SEO for blogger / blogspot blogs and this post also focuses on the same category. If you want to increase your search engine or organic traffic, it is very important to optimize your blogs for search engines so that you can be indexed among the top search results and can be gifted more traffic. Later in this article we will explore some useful tips that will help you do a better SEO optimization of your blog. 

advance seo tips

Friday, 31 May 2013

Blogger Page type conditions to show hide widgets

Hello Readers, in this post we will learn how to use blogger page type conditions to show or hide widgets on particular page type. Blogger is one of the most used blogging platform around. I like blogger because you have complete control over the template code. You can make customizations with the template code, change the CSS style rules; customize the default widgets and many more. Many CMS do not give these facilities to the free users and ask for membership upgrade, but you can do all this even if you are not having a custom domain name for your blogger blog that means you need not to pay anything to avail these facilities. Sometimes you need to display or hide some widgets/content on particular page type like to display ads only on posts page. You can easily do it with the help of blogger page type conditions and later in this post we will learn about page types in blogger and how to use blogger page type conditions to show-hide widgets.

blogger page type conditions

Thursday, 30 May 2013

10 best blogging tips for every blogger

Hello Readers, in this post we will discuss some useful blogging tips that will help you increase your blog readership and improve your blogging experience. Many people these days turn bloggers either because of their interest/hobby or to earn money online. But without prior knowledge and strategies they fail to succeed. I am being asked from some of my online readers to post an article about blogging tips for newbie bloggers so in this article we will explore some really great tips about blogging not only for newbie bloggers but these tips will help you even if you are an old school in blogging.
blogging tips

Friday, 24 May 2013

Why buy custom domain name for blogger blog

Hello Readers, in this article we will talk about why you need a custom domain name for your blogger blog. Custom domain names have great importance in blogging. Most of the beginner bloggers start their blogging career from sub-domains like blogspot or wordpress. I started my blog with a blogger sub-domain, but I realized the importance of custom domain names very soon and I purchased one for my blog Unziptech a few days ago. In this article I will share my experience about custom domain names and why you should not delay buying one for your blog.
custom domain name

Saturday, 18 May 2013

How to reduce blog page load time

Hello Readers, in this post we will learn useful tips which will help you to reduce your blog page load time. Page load time is a big factor that affects the blogging. Almost every reader hates the slow opening websites and blogs. Not only the readers, but the Search engines robots and crawlers hate the blogs and websites which have a higher page load time. It will affect the overall SEO and quality of your Blog. I am sure being a blogger you want to improve your blog's quality and reduce the page load time. But how we can do this? We will find the answer to this important question later in this article.
reduce page load time

Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to reduce bounce rate of blog

Hello Readers, Today in this post we will learn how to reduce the bounce rate of your blog. Bounce rate is considered a major problem in Blogging and SEO. If your articles are not good enough and you are not able to engage your readers with your content then your blog will suffer with a higher bounce rate. Search Engines like Google does not like the blogs with higher bounce rates and it may result into a poor SEO optimization. Later in this article we will discover what exactly the bounce rate is and how you can recover your blog from high bounce rates.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Remove hyperlinks from blogger comments

Hello Readers, in this post I will tell you how to remove hyperlinks from the comment section of your blogger blog for better SEO optimization. Comments are the soul of every blog and it shows us the popularity of every blog. But sometimes people just spam their hyperlinks in your comment section for their link building. You do all the hard work to write good quality blog posts and people don't even care about writing a good comment for your article rather than they just leave a hyperlink to their Webpage. To stop this kind of link spamming I am writing a tutorial which will remove the hyperlinks from your comment section and will leave simple text behind.
remove hyperlinks blogger comments

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Place Qadabra ads inside blogger post

Hello Readers, in this post I will tell you how to put Qadabra ads unit inside blogger blog post. Qadabra is one the best CPM based ads providers and if you get a good amount of traffic to your site you can easily earn money online with them. It’s been a month now that I am using Qadabra ads and I have posted my review about it. Many of my online readers have asked me how they could put the Qadabra ads unit inside their blog post just like any other ads because it was giving XML parsing errors. Earlier I was using some other ads providers and I had placed their ads unit inside my blog post body. I tried the same procedure with Qadabra ads to put them inside the post body myself and got the XML parsing errors even after parsing the ad code. But today I succeeded in putting the Qadabra ads inside my blog post body and now I am writing a tutorial for the same.