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Place Qadabra ads inside blogger post

Hello Readers, in this post I will tell you how to put Qadabra ads unit inside blogger blog post. Qadabra is one the best CPM based ads providers and if you get a good amount of traffic to your site you can easily earn money online with them. It’s been a month now that I am using Qadabra ads and I have posted my review about it. Many of my online readers have asked me how they could put the Qadabra ads unit inside their blog post just like any other ads because it was giving XML parsing errors. Earlier I was using some other ads providers and I had placed their ads unit inside my blog post body. I tried the same procedure with Qadabra ads to put them inside the post body myself and got the XML parsing errors even after parsing the ad code. But today I succeeded in putting the Qadabra ads inside my blog post body and now I am writing a tutorial for the same.


Qadabra recommends you to use 5-7 ads units in your blog for better performance and earnings. But to ensure the quality and to reduce the page load time of your blog you should be aiming to use 3-4 ad units only. I am currently using 4 ad units on my blog but no ads in the posts body because I am getting good impressions count with this placement and I don't want to do more experiments with my ads placement now. Now we shall take a look at the process of placing Qadabra ads inside the post body. I will tell you how to put Qadabra ads at the beginning and ending of every blog post. The process is similar as compare to the other ads providers but there is slight difference at the time of parsing the ads code.

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I am dividing the tutorial into two parts, first is the parsing the code to encode all the special characters and the second one is the placement of code. We shall start with parsing the code first:


How to parse Qadabra ad code

  • Login in to your Qadabra account.
  • Add a new placement and copy the ad code from there.
  • Now visit this website and put the ad code inside the text area to parse it.
  • The parsed code might look like this one: 
Qadabra parsed ad code
  • But this code is not fully parsed yet. I have highlighted the mistake.
  • The '&' (without quotes) is not parsed yet, it was the mistake that was causing the XML parsing errors.
  • Replace '&' with '&' (without quotes) to parse this special character.
  • Now copy the code and get ready to put it in to your blog post body.


How to Place Qadabra ads in Blog Post

  • First of all, login in to your blogger account.
  • Take backup of your current blog template, it is recommended to takebackup of your blogger blog before any editing to your blog template.
  • Now click on Edit HTML to start the editing.
  • Press Ctrl+F and Find the following code:
  • It might be occuring more than once in your template so try the last one.
  • To put the ads at the beigning and the end, add the following code before and after the above code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div align='center'>Paste your parsed ad code here.</div>
  • You can also change alignment of the ads unit by changing the ‘align’ attribute to left or right.
  • You can also make the ad units float left or right along with your post text like this:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div style='float:left or right'>Paste your parsed ad code here.</div>
  • Save the template and click on view Blog.

Note: The ads will only be shown on full post page. Click on any post to open the full post page to see these ads in action.

You have successfully placed the Qadabra ads inside the blog post body. It is recommended to use the 320x250 or 336x280 ad units in this placement to get maximum out of it. But still you can experiment with different ads size units. If you face any problem with the above tutorial you can comment here. I will be glad to help you.

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  2. size must be end with delimiter ; error

  3. Error parsing XML, line 1351, column 147: The reference to entity "size" must end with the ';' delimiter.
    error coming

  4. Brother you have not parsed the code properly..check out the point no. 4,5,6,7 in the first part-Parsing the code..you need to replace the "&" just before the size..It will solve your problem..check the above comment..Rahul had the same problem..

    1. ty problem solved

    2. Great,,happy earnings..I have sent you the template as well..Check your email id..

  5. I am having problems finding the once I do ctrl + f in edit HTML

    1. The code must be there try finding it like this: <data:post.body or post-header-line-1

  6. did everything as you said but not able to see the ads help

    1. Did you get parsing error ?? if yes then check out the part-I carefully..

  7. Hi zafar i did correctly as you told but i didn't get the qadabra ads in my blog. what to do now.

    i find
    and pasted the
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "........
    these codes above and below <data:post.body/>.

    But i didn't get the ads by qadabra in my blog. Please help me

    1. Brother there could be many <data:posy.body tags in your template..So there might be a case that you are dealing with the wrong one..Can you send me your blog template backup so that i could checkout what is going on..

    2. Ok zafar i send to you in your fb message

  8. It works like a charm. Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks..keep visiting for more tutorials..

  9. Thanks bro you solved my problem

    1. I am Glad that my tutorial helped you..Go ahead..happy earnings..