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How to add DISQUS to blogger easily

Hello Readers, Blog comments are very important for blog owners to get the feedback from our online readers. Blogger comes with a built in commenting system which allow other to post comments on our blog using Google account or Open ID. But these days 3rd party blog commenting or rather comments management systems are very popular because of their features. One of the most widely used 3rd party comments system is DISQUS and nearly 75% of the websites who use 3rd party commenting systems use DISQUS. In this article we will check out the features of DISQUS, commonly asked questions and a tutorial to integrate this blogging system into your blogger’s blog.
DISQUS commenting system

Many of the famous blogs in the blogosphere use this as their blog commenting system. It is user friendly, SEO friendly and easy to integrate in most of the blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, Tumbler and more. To make your blog discussions big, you should adapt this commenting system but let’s go through its features before coming to any conclusion:

Features of DISQUS Comment System:

  • DISQUS has a great user interface and eye-catching design.
  • A user can login with their social profiles such as Facebook, Google+,T witter, Open ID to submit their comments. If a user is not willing to do so, he can comment as a guest as well.
  • Threaded comments are another feature that this commenting system has. It means you can carry on your discussion with other in a single comment.
  • Your visitors can give start ratings to the discussions.
  • Like youtube, it also has thumbs up and thumbs down for comments, so commenting becomes more interacting.
  • You can edit, delete and moderate user comments to fight spam comments.
  • To fight the blog bounce rate and to increase the readability of your blog, it also gives a link to the related discussions.
There are more features that you can explore by signing up into it. Now let us go through some commonly asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I loose my earlier comments?

No, it has an import feature that imports all of your previous comments from your default blogging system. So, you need not to worry about the previous comments.

Will it affect the SEO of my Blog?

No, this blog commenting system is search engine friendly and won’t hurt your blog’s SEO.

Does it require editing the template code; I am not good at coding?

No, DISQUS has an easy mean to integrate in your blog. You need not to code for it.

Let us check the integration part step by step. I am showing the integration of DISQUS with blogger but it remains same for the all blogging platforms.

How to add DISQUS to Blogger:

  • First of all signup for DISQUS using the by visiting disqus[dot]com.
  • After completing the signup form, you will be asked to choose the blogging platform.
choose blogging platform

  • Now click on Blogger and make sure you are logged into your blogger account alogng with the DISQUS account.
  • Now, It will display setup instructions as displayed below:
DISQUS setup instructions

  • Click the first, and provide the necessary permissions to add an page element for DISQUS in blogger.
  • After completing the first step, you will need to import all your previous comments so that you don’t loose them. Just click on the second link and import the comments.
  • It usually takes up to 24 hours to complete the import, but it completed with in a few minutes for me.
  • Now for browser compatibility for internet explorer, add a META tag as instructed in the step 3.

Now you have successfully integrated and started with a new blog commenting system. If you face any problem, you can contact via comments or email me. I will be glad to help you.

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