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5 Benefits of posting regular on your blog

Hello Readers, In this article we will explore the benefits of posting regular on our blogs. Blogging is all about writing quality blog posts for our blog readers and regular posting gifts us a strong readership. Posting regular is essential if your blog is new because it is the only way that can help you getting recognition in the blogosphere. A regularly updated blog is liked by search engines and they are ranked high in the search engine rankings. Later in this article we will discuss more great advantages of posting regular articles on your blog.
benefits of regular posting

Benefits of Regular posting:

Traffic Rankings:

If you are posting regular on your blog and giving your readers great content then the chances of getting it shared, increases. You should also share your new articles on social networks. It will help you getting a lot of traffic from them. We all know our blogs are ranked by Alexa on the basis of page views and visitors which means that with the rise of blog traffic, Alexa traffic rank gets better.

Crawling & Indexing:

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing crawls our blogs with the help of web crawlers. Regular posting increases the crawling and indexing rate of our blogs. Regularly updated blogs are frequently crawled for new content and are indexed quickly. Good indexing improves the overall SEO of the blog.

Search Engine Ranks:

Regular posting not only helps in improving the crawling and indexing of our blogs but also helps us getting a good search engine ranking. Regularly updated blogs are ranked hihger in the search engines and hence they are gifted with good amount of organic or search engine traffic.


Blogging is all about writing quality content and giving your blog readers something great every time they visit your blog. If you write good content and regularly update your blog then there is a great chance that you will be gifted with a loyal and solid readership. You can checkout more tips to improve the readership of your blog.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is one of the most affecting factors in blogging. Bounce rate is the percentage of one pageview visits on your blog. Bounce rate increases when there is no real internal linking in your content or if you do not post regular on your blog. Posting regular on your blog will provide your readers with new information and articles, you can interlink your old articles with them to reduce the bounce rate.

I have written some great benefits of updating a blog regularly. Make sure you write quality content (we all know content is king), interlink your old articles and share articles on social networks. You can observe a great change by doing regular posting on your blog. If your blog is brand new, i would suggest you to update it twice or even three times a day with great and unique content.

You can check out more blogger tips and tricks on our blog to improve your blogging experience.

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