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5 ways of getting active blog readership

Hello Readers, in this article we will learn how to develop an active readership for our blogs. There are many ways of getting an active readership and the most important is killer content. If you value your readers then there is a great chance that you will increase the readership of your blog. Later in this article we will explore some really useful tips that will help you to improve your blog readership.

active blog readers

Blogging is all about giving your readers something interesting and useful every time they visit your blog. If you interact with your readers through social media and blog commenting then you can easily develop an active readership for your blog. Now let us see some great ways of increasing the blog readership.

How to get an active blog Readership:

Social Media:

Social Media is one of the most important ways of getting an active blog readership. Social Media does not only help you to interact with your readers but also help you to generate good amount of traffic by sharing your articles on them. You should make it easy for your readers to follow you on the social media and networking websites so that they can get instant updates about your blog. Your readers will be navigated from those social media websites to your blog after clicking the links you shared on them, resulting an improved readership. Some of the social media widgets you can add for this purpose are:


Forums are like community places where people gather and discuss on some topics. They come up with some problems and look for solutions. It is the time you need to show your problem showing ability. You need to search for good forums in your blog niche and read the posting rules carefully to avoid being a spammer there. You can carry your blog URL and social media URL’s in the footer signature. It will help you to promote your blog and give you a great chance to increase your blog readership. You can also use Yahoo answers and similar question-answer sites for this purpose.

Email Subscriptions:

You can take help of the feeds management tools like Feedburner to give your readers a chance to subscribe to your blog updates via email. Email subscribers are always the loyal readers of your blog. It is one of the most traditional ways of developing the active blog readership. You can add feedburner email subscription widgets for this purpose. Some of the feedburner widgets featured on our blog are:

Feedburner is one of the handy tools in blogging. You can also link your twitter account with feedburner to enable auto tweet whenever you post something new on your blog.


Content is no doubt the most important factor for developing an active readership. If you write good quality content for your blog then there is a great chance that your content will be appreciated and shared by your readers. It will help you to grow your blog traffic and attract new readers to your blog.

Value your Readers:

Being a blog writer you should give great importance to your blog readers. You can interact with them on different social networks and listen to their opinions about your blog. You should always respond to their queries via emails or comments. Do not delay in responding to their queries as they would find it annoying. If you value your readers then you will get an active readership for sure.
I am sure by following the above tips you can increase your blog traffic and improve your blog readership. If you have any doubt regarding any point mentioned in this post, please comment here. I will try to clear all your doubts.
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