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Top 5 blogging tips for every blogger

Hello Friends, in this blog post we will learn about some useful blogging tips that would help your blog grow and become successful. Unziptech has already shared many useful articles on blogging tips & SEO and this article will make you learn about more in that the same category. Blogging is not only about sharing articles on your blog but it is provding useful information to your readers that could benefit them. I have been a bit irregular on posting these days, I apologize for that.  I have got emails from many of my readers to write an article on blogging tips, so here it goes. Later in this article we will learn some useful blogging tips that could help your blog grow in terms of audience and rankings.

top blogging tips

If you write Quality blog posts, you will grow the readership of your blog and hence the traffic on blog will increase. All these are inter-connected, your readership and blog traffic depends upon the content you share. You write for a few topics and you grow you audience who are intrested in those topincs. I have seen some blogs which shares multi topics articles, from coding to movies and from songs to SEO. This king of blog posting is not appreciated by both readers and the seach engines. Let us check out a few useful tips that you should consider while writing your articles:

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Write for your Readers first:

I have always said this and repeating my words once again. You should write for your readers first and then for the web crawlers. By the preceding sentence, I mean there should be more information in your blog post with a good ratio of keywords in it. Make sure you don’t stuff many keywords in it to attract the search engine crawlers. 2-3% is consider a good keyword ratio.

Focus on Readership:

Readership is one big thing for every blog. Without a good readership you cannot be a successful blogger. Connect with your audience and answer their comments. Value your readers and write as per their requests ad interests. Reply to their emails and make sure you are on time. All these tips will increase the readership of your blog.

Quality Content:

Content is king and I have said this once more. The content you share on your blog should be useful for both the readers and the search engines. Use appropriate graphics, Images and videos to illustrate your blog post. Focus on the post’s length as well but don’t repeat yourself to make it long. Blog post should be optimal, with no spells mistakes and full of information.

Social Media:

Social Media is a good platform to connect with you blog readers outside your blog. You can share your articlesand other useful information on them and connect with your readers. You can have their opinions and let them know about important blog announcements and events. It will help you to make your online presence more prominent.

Host Events and Giveaways:

Events and giveaways is a great way to boost your blog readership and can make your blog popular in the blogosphere. You can use notification bar to make announcements, it usually is a good way to do this. Events/Giveaways let you readers compete with each other and win goodies which intrests them. You can use Domain names, Money rewards and few more attracting prices for your events.

I hope you have enoyed this article. You can check more articles on Blogging tips and SEO on this blog under our blogger tips and tricks section.

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