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How to add a custom 404 page to blogger

Hello Friends, In this post we will check out how to create a custom 404 page for your blog. I hope you already know the meaning of Error 404, i.e. “Page not found”. It is the response error shown by the server when ever the requested page is not present or has been shifted some where else.In that case a user will be shown a default 404 page which is not recommended. If you want your blog to be more user firndly, you should create your own 404 page, so that user does not get annoyed and can be shown a custom message or redirect. In this post, we will only be talking about showing a custom 404 page not the redirect, which we will be learning in the coming blog posts.

First, you need to design a simple HTML page that you want to be shown to the users, don’t worry if you don’t know how to create HTML pages, You can use the one shown in this post. I will share the HTML code with the CSS for this custo 404 m page. Let us check out the procedure to add a custom 404 page to your blogger blog.

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How to add a custom 404 page in blogger:

  • Login in to your Blogger account. 
  • Navigate to your dashboard and click on Settings. 
  •  Click on “Search Preferences” as shown in the image below.
  • Now add the following HTML code in the box highlighted in red in the image below.
  • Now click on save and you are done.

You have successfully added a custom 404 error page in your blog. Now, whenever a user come accross a url that is not present in your blog will be redirected to this page. A small editing is required, Please replace the URL of my blog highlighted in the above code in red with yours.

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