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Pros and Cons for Fulltime Blogging

Creating many blogs online is a good idea on many levels and that’s why so many people desire it. Like any other job, blogging is hard work and this means that it has both advantages and disadvantages depending on what your point of view is at any given moment.
For some people who try blogging for money, the question of whether the venture is worth it or not is a constant issue. Truth is that, blogging may not pay as much as you might imagine. It’s simply not as glamorous as some people make it sound like. Worse still, fulltime blogging may not pay as well as your fulltime job (if you have one) and may take most of your time, leaving you with very little to spare for other projects, compared to a 9-5 job which ends as soon as you leave the office.
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With some of these challenges, why would anyone get into fulltime blogging? According to experts, this is for a number of reasons as explained below: 

Blogging provides location free work.

This means that you can work on your blog wherever you want to go. For instance, you could be having a big dream you want to work on with your time. If you’re able to earn enough blogging income to foot all your bills and financial obligations, doesn’t blogging present a perfect opportunity for you to explore these opportunities because of its location free nature? All you have to do is spare a few hours each day for your blog, travel the world and be merry.

Blogging fulltime also provides a perfect opportunity for you to be your own boss.

Naturally, if you think of your blog as business idea, something that can produce a profit, then it means that you’ll have a lot to gain if you hit the blogging trail fulltime. The key is getting the right amount of dedication to do it to the extent of attracting commercial or profiteering interests. If this is done, blogging could possibly earn you a lot of money.

Blogging also allows you to follow your dreams

Blogging also allows you to follow your dreams, which unfortunately, not many people pursue because of fulltime job engagements. In many cases, blogging gives you this opportunity because with it, you’ll have more time on your hands to do the things that matter to your life. If any of these things touch on your dreams, then the message is send here, right?

On the other hand, without trying to paint the perfect happy picture of blogging some of you might have, blogging fulltime has its fair share of disadvantages. According to most established bloggers, some of the disadvantages beginners fail to consider when they get started include the following.

Blogging doesn’t provide any guarantee of income at any given moment.

Truth is that, blogging income fluctuates and keeps changing from time to time depending on a wide variety of factors such as traffic, visitor lifestyles, competition and so much more. For you to make the most out of it or live on it as your only source of income, it would mean suffering when no income comes or living frugally all year in with nothing to retire on. This is quite common for a large number of bloggers and blogging as such, isn’t as rosy as you’d imagine.

Blogging fulltime doesn’t offer real vacations as other jobs

Blogging fulltime doesn’t offer real vacations as other jobs, although it’s possible for you to create timelines around when you write or publish your articles.
In reality however, getting specific timelines around your blogging can be a challenge because of the progressive and timeliness nature blogging needs. In simple terms, you may have to tend to it fulltime, even on vacation-respond to comments, write posts, post on social media and so forth. This is still work.

Blogging also removes the benefits that come with working a regular job.

For example, if you plunge into fulltime blogging, you’d have to forego insurance cover from your employer, service benefits, pensions and so forth. You will have to pay for these by yourself and this could mean several thousand dollars.

Overall, blogging should be done out of passion because then, it can provide all the needed satisfaction. However, for one to leave everything else and focus on it alone, it could mean making sure that the blog produces a lot more money than their fulltime job to make it worthwhile. Blogging fulltime is however very fulfilling. 

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