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3 On-Page SEO tips for bloggers

Hello Readers, We all know how important SEO or search engine optimization is for our sites and blogs. In this post I will tell you 3 most used on page SEO tips that every blogger must use to optimize their blog for the search engines. These are very basic SEO tips but still very effective and gives a strong foundation to the advance seo for your bloggers blog. A good SEO results in increase of your blog traffic and makes your blog a brand among the other results displayed in SERP (Search engine results page). Unziptech has already provided some basic as well as advance SEO tips for bloggers and this post will talk about the importance of on page SEO.

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What is On-Page SEO?

On page SEO refers to the SEO achieved by optimizing your blog content for the search engines. It generally includes adding Meta tags, Keywords Selection, Internal Linking and few other SEO strategies.

What should be avoided while doing On-page SEO?

  • Duplicate Articles/Content.
  • URL variants of the same page.
  • Duplicate Meta Titles & Descriptions.
  • Bad SEO practices like Hidden Texts/Anchor tags, Keyword Stuffing etc.

Now we should check out some useful On-Page SEO strategies.

Keyword Research:

Keywords are the words phrases around which your main content revolves. You should be able to choose the best keywords for your main content so that it stands unique among the search results. You can use the GoogleAdwords Keywords Tool for identifying the most suitable keywords for your content. Always make a healthy keyword density in your content. Do not over use keywords in your content; it will frustrate your online readers. Try to maintain 2-3% of keyword density in your content, more than that could be considered as keyword stuffing.

Killer Content:

I have repeated this line several times on my blog and you must have heard or read about it zillions times on many blogs that “Content is King”. You should be able to write quality content for your blog which is optimzied for Search Engines as well as your online Readers. Make it easy for your Readers to understand your content by using the visuals like Images/ Animations or Videos. You should also add social sharing and subscribing widget so that your content could be easily shared by your readers. A quality/unique content is the main constituent of On-Page SEO.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking refers to some content or articles with in your blog. Internal linking is vital in blogging and SEO these days. It not only helps you increasing the readership of your blog but also helps in increasing the Google Page Rank. You should know the importance of internal linking. Always link to your best articles while writing new posts for your blog. It will help your old content, getting a new life.

These are some really useful and effective on page seo tips. You should also go through basic SEOtips for bloggers, published a few months back on our blog that revolves around these tips.

You can checkout our Blogger tips and tricks section for more blogging and SEO optimization tips. It will improve your blogging experience.

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