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10 best blogging tips for every blogger

Hello Readers, in this post we will discuss some useful blogging tips that will help you increase your blog readership and improve your blogging experience. Many people these days turn bloggers either because of their interest/hobby or to earn money online. But without prior knowledge and strategies they fail to succeed. I am being asked from some of my online readers to post an article about blogging tips for newbie bloggers so in this article we will explore some really great tips about blogging not only for newbie bloggers but these tips will help you even if you are an old school in blogging.
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Best Blogging tips for bloggers

Great Content:

You must have heard it plenty of times that "Content is King". You always need to write quality and unique content for your readers. Being a newbie blogger many people commit such mistakes and copy articles. But don't forget search engines don't like copied content and it won't help you much in the long run. You should know how to write quality content for your blog to engage your readers and increase your readership.


You should research before posting anything on your blog. There are many bloggers who post unauthenticated articles on their just to increase their post counts. But you should prefer quality over quantity. Do not post anything without prior knowledge and research.

Make a difference:

I am writing this post about blogging tips and i know there are many websites who have already posted about similar topics or even the same one. But still you can make a difference by putting more information, quality writing and efforts. There is a great competition among bloggers these days and you need to make a difference to stay in the race.

Focus Readers:

Always write for your readers and not for search engines. Don't put extra efforts like black hat SEO or keyword stuffing. It will degrade your site's performance and your blog readership.

Fix Schedule:

Try to follow a fix schedule and stick to it. Make a habit of posting regular on your blog. It will reduce the bounce rate of your blog because your readers will get fresh content every day.


Find out the most relevant images and videos for your articles. Do not pick copyrighted or watermark images. Images/videos are used to explain the whole content of your article easily. You should also optimize images before posting them along with the articles.


Interlinking or Internal Linking has great importance in blogging and SEO optimization. It will give your old articles new life. It will help you in many other ways like increasing pageviews, pagerank, impressions and readership.

Keyword Research:

Before writing any content for your articles you should consider doing keyword research. You can use Google Adwords keyword tool for this. It will help you find out the most relevant keywords and phrases. You can choose the most searched keywords for your articles to increase the organic traffic also known as the search engine traffic.

Social Media:

Get socialized; Share your content on social media like Facebook, twitter, G+ and many other. Allow your online readers to join/follow/like/subscribe your on social networks. You can check out our blogger widgets section for cool social bookmarking and sharing widgets.


Comments are the soul of every blog. It allows you to interact with your blog readers and listen to their problems. You should reply to the comments ASAP to get a good readership. You can remove hyperlinks from the comments sections to fight comment spamming.

You can also checkout our blogger tips and tricks section for more articles like this. It will surely improve your blogging experience.

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