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12 Advanced SEO tips for bloggers

Hello Readers, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has a great importance in blogging. Every blogger wants to optimize their blogs for search engines. This post focuses on how to optimize a blog for the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Unziptech has already shared many articles for SEO for blogger / blogspot blogs and this post also focuses on the same category. If you want to increase your search engine or organic traffic, it is very important to optimize your blogs for search engines so that you can be indexed among the top search results and can be gifted more traffic. Later in this article we will explore some useful tips that will help you do a better SEO optimization of your blog. 

advance seo tips

How to optimize blog for Search Engines:


You must have heard it many times that Content is King. It is the first step towards the SEO of your blog. Always write quality and unique content for your blog. Search engines do not like low quality or duplicate content and your blog might not be included among the search results. Try to write 500+ words articles for your blogs. Search engines like well structured and long content rather than a quick or small article. The bottom line is you need to write quality content for your blog posts.

Meta Tags:

Meta tags are very important as they tell search engines about the main information of your blog. Meta tags include the description, keywords, author, language and other information which is very important for SEO. You can add a 250 characters description of your content, 5-8 closely related keywords in the Meta tags. The basic structure of Meta tag is: <meta name=”name of meta tag” content=”content of meta tag”>.


As I mentioned above that Meta tags are very important and they includes the main keywords of your blog pages. But you also need to maintain a healthy keyword ratio in your main content or articles. Keep a 2-3% of keyword ratio within the main content of your blog. Do not put more weighting of keywords in your blog posts as it would be considered as keyword stuffing and you would be penalized for this. Always do a keyword reserach using Google adwords keyword tool.


Write attractive and optimized blog post articles for your content. You should optimize your posttitles for search engines so that it could be indexed among the search results more often and you would be gifted organic traffic. Do not use more than 50 characters in the post titles. You can also add symbols like ! and ? in your post titles.


Images are used to make your content more attractive and descriptive. But images without alt and title tags are useless for SEO. You should optimize your blog images for search engines so that your images could be included in the image searches and you will get organic traffic.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking is a great SEO practice. Internal linking refers to some content with in your blog. Always try to put some internal links in your articles. It will let the search engine robots and crawlers to navigate your blog easily, which will result in good indexing of your blog pages. If your blog pages are properly indexed in search engines then there is a great chance of increasing your blog traffic.

Blog Template:

Always use fast loading templates for your blogs. It will help you reduce the blog page load time. Sometimes search engine crawlers face troubles while crawling sites with high page loading time and results in server errors. These errors will surely affect the over all SEO of your blog.

Bounce rate:

Bounce rate is the percentage of 1 page visits on your blog. Search engines do not like the sites with high bounce rate. You should reduce the bounce rate of your blog in order to optimize your blog for search engines.

Frequent writing:

Try to be more frequent at posting on your blog. Search engines like the frequently updated blogs and websites. The frequently updated sites are more oftenly crawled and indexed in search engines.


Sitemaps are very important and you should submit your blog sitemap to the Google webmaster and Bing webmater tools in order to optimize your blog for search engines. Submitting your sitemaps to webmaster tools help search engines to find the latest updated content on your blog and they crawl / index it quickly.


Always use feedburner to manage your blog feeds. If you are facing problems with your feedburner account you can check out my article about troubleshooting the feedburner feeds. You can submit your blog feeds to blog submitting websites and ping the search engines using the websites like Pingomatic to inform search engines about the latest content on your blog.


Backlinks are the incoming links in to your blog from the external resources like blog submission sites or other websites who mention you in their blog posts. Try to write articles which will be shared on social media and other blogger would like to use as reference. It will help you get backlinks quickly and we all know backlinks are very important for blogging and SEO.

I hope I have mentioned some useful and helpful tips in this article. If you are confused about any of the above mentioned points you can comment here. Your suggestions are always welcome. If you think I have missed any important point above you can mention it and I will update it in the post.

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  1. These are very basic seo tips that any blogger knows. And certainly not advanced seo tips. Now backlinks from other sites are obsolete and any backlinks from directories, link exchange will do you more harm. Overall not very helpful article and looks like copied from somewhere.

    1. Hello Girish..You have right to criticize the article and I am fine with that. But i have never copied articles from anywhere. You can checkout the whole blog but you won't find a single copied article here..