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Increase blog traffic using referring websites

Hello Readers, Traffic is one of the vital needs of every blog. Every blogger works on increasing their blog traffic. Unziptech has already provided some quality articles on this topic and in this post we will discuss how to increase referral traffic on your blog. Referral traffic is one the main constituent of blog traffic and has its own importance. It significantly helps in increasing the blog traffic. In this article we will get to know more about referral traffic and some great tips to improve blog traffic using referring websites.
Referral traffic

What is referral traffic?

Referral traffic is the amount of page views you get from the visitors who are directed to your blog from some external websites/domains. Those websites are known as referring websites and the URLs containing your referring link are known as referring URLs. You can also check referring websites and URLs report in your blogger dashboard.

How to Increase Referral Traffic:

Social Networks:

Social networks like Facebook, Google+ and micro blogging websites like Twitter can prove to be a great source of Referral traffic. You can use Facebook fan page, Twitter account and Google pages to connect to your online readers. Make it a habit of updating your social profiles with the links of your latest articles and posts. It will not only give your fans/followers instant updates about your blog but also help in redirecting those visitors to your blog. In this way social networks can help you increase your referral traffic.

Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is another way that can help you increasing your referral traffic. But you should use this method wisely and try not to spam on other blogs. First of all find some quality blogs in your blog niche and start commenting on those. Write significant comments without any hyperlinks and use your Google Account to post comments. It will let other users to find you on Google+ or Blogger and they can visit your blog. After becoming a regular and loyal reader by commenting, you can link your best and closely related blog posts using hyperlinks in comments. It will direct targeted audience to your blog and will help you increase the referral traffic on your blog.

Guest Posts:

We all know what guest posts are, so we will not talk about it much but we will learn how guest posts can help you get a good amount of referral traffic. Start searching some good blogs in your niche. Use blog commenting and social networks to become a loyal reader of those blogs and then request them to feature your guest post on their blogs. You should write quality blog post for guest posting and send it to them. It will not only help you getting exposure and targeted referral traffic but also help you get quality backlinks from them.


Forums can also prove handy in collecting targeted traffic for your blog. You can search for forums with the topics similar to your blog niche. Read out complete terms and conditions before posting otherwise you could be a culprit of going against their terms. Always post valuable replies and connect with other people. You can carry your blog URL in your signature so that other people can get to know about your blog. If your suggestions and replies help others they will surely visit your blog. You can also use question-answer websites like Yahoo Answers for this purpose.

Blog Directories:

Blog submission directories can also be a great source of referral traffic and you can also earn some quality back links from these directories. You can check out high PR blog submission directories and submit your blog to it with your RSS. It will help these directories to update your directory profiles every time you update your blog. You can connect with other bloggers on such directories and offer them visit your blog by engaging into conversation with them. If you are an Indian blogger consider joining these Indian blog submission directories.

By following above mentioned tips you can significantly increase your referral traffic. These methods will help you grow your blog traffic and will also help you getting some quality link backs from referring websites. You can check out our blogger tips and tricks section for more articles about blogging and seo. It will help you improve your blogging experience.

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    1. while sharing your links on fb, just hover upon the image. It will show arrows on the image, select the pic you want to post with your articles using these arrows..I hope this will help..

  3. referral traffic also count Google Adsense

    1. yes Google counts every source of traffic- Social, Referral and Direct..

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