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How to boost your subscribers count

Hello Readers, In this post we will talk about how to increase your subscriber's count. Subscribers are the most loyal readers of your blog and they contribute towards your blog in many ways. Subscribers count also show the popularity of your blog. If you write engaging posts and follow right strategies for promoting your content then you can boost your subscribers count to a great extend. In this post we will talk about the strategies that can help you get a good subscribers count.
Increase Subscribers

 We will not only talk about increasing the email subscribers count but also the social networks subscribers because they are equally important. With the new search engine updates your online presence and social stats are very important as they play a crucial role in the SERP. Now we shall look at the strategies you should follow:

Boost your subscriber count:


Forums can help you a lot in getting plenty of subscribers. First of all search for some good forums in your blog niche. It will help you get targeted users. Before posting anything check out their terms and rules for posting. Add your blog URL and social profile urls in your signature so that one could checkout your blog or social profiles when your post any reply. Help others by solving their problems and clearing their doubts. I am sure you will be gifted targeted subscribers.

Guest Blogging:

Guest posting is another great method which can help you get plenty of subscribers. Guest posts help you get recognition in the blogosphere. First of all, search for high authority blogs in your blog niche to focus targeted readers. Leave valuable comments on some posts and then send a formal email to the webmaster requesting/offering a guest post. Keep your content ready before contacting any webmaster and always write quality content. If they agree to publish your content, you will have a great chance to make a impact with your writing on the online readers of their blogs.

Value your Readers:

Giving a great value to your readers is very important. Always write for your readers and not for the search engines. Do not put too many keywords and ads on your blog posts. Also Maintain a good navigation with in your site so that a reader could choose where to go next. Do not leave comments un-answered, try to reply all the user queries. If you give value to your reader, your chances of getting liked and followed increases.


Promote your content to reach out to the audience. Write killer content and share it on social media, so that other can get a chance to re-share it. It will increase the visibility of your content and hence the chances of getting more subscribers will increase. If you don't mind spending a few bucks use the services of Google Adwords to promote your site.


If you want to increase your subscribers count, you should make it easy for your readers to find and follow you on social networks. You can check out our blogger widgets section for quality blogger widgets and plugins. you will find a number of social media subscription, sharing and feedburner widgets. Some of the quality widgets from our blog are:
I hope following these tips will increase your subscribers count. If you want to add some more points, feel free to comment here. I always appreciate the user comments. You can check out out blogger tips and tricks section for more blogging and seo related articles.

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