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5 Benefits of using Social networks

Hello Readers, Today in this post we will checkout some sure shot benefits of using social networks. Social networks are playing an important role in the blogging these days. The count of fans and followers tells about the popularity and readership of any blog. Unziptech has provided many useful widgets and plugins for social networks which can help you improve your social stats. Apart from these things social networks help you to make your online presence and to interact with your readers. With the latest updates of search engine algorithms social networks are playing a key role in SEO as well. Later in this post we will go through some advantages of using social networks.

benefits of social  networks

Sites like Facebook, Google plus and micro blogging site twitter are the most used social networks around. They help your online readers to stay connected and updated with your blog. You are not only interacting with different people but also promoting your blog/content, which is very helpful. Now let us point out some useful contributions of social networks towards us:


Social networks allow you to offer subscriptions to your online readers. Your online readers can follow you; add in circles or like your content on them. It will help you to boost your referral traffic and on the other hand it will help your followers to stay updated with your blog. You can add these widgets in your blog to improve your followers/fans count:


Social networks help you to promote your stuff and to turn your blog into a brand. Being a blogger you want more and more people to know about our blog so that you can make the full use of your blog. If you are into affiliate marketing then social networks can help you increase your revenue by promoting your affiliates on them.

Post Ideas:

Social networks can gift you fresh ideas for your articles. You can get to know about the latest trends in your blog niche. Your subscribers can request you to write articles on some topics they are looking for. You can also be contacted by guest bloggers offering content for your blog. So you can look into these websites whenever you are running out of fresh ideas.

Online Presence:

Your online presence is very important as the new search engine algorithm likes the sites that are visible on social networks. There was a time when people used to do link spamming to generate backlinks but that time is over now. Search engines rank the sites with good social stats higher in the SERP. Google plus is one such example of the social networks as the circles count is visible on the SERP.


You can make professional connections with the other bloggers on the social networks. The professional networking site LinkedIn is very helpful in this task. You can interact with other bloggers and learn some great tips from them. It will help you to improve your blogging experience.

I hope this article will change your point of view towards the use of social networks and you will use them more effectively to gain benefits. You can check out our blogger tips and tricks section for more blogging and SEO related articles which can help you to improve your blogging experience.

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