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How to write Quality Blog post

Hello Friends, in this post we will discuss what are the characteristics of a Quality Blog post. Quality content is very important in blogging and SEO. You might have heard it a zillion times that CONTENT IS KING. But the big question is still unanswered how to write a quality post. In this post we will try to find out the answer for the same. Quality articles can increase the readership of your blog and you could drive plenty of Search Engine traffic to your blog as well. If you are a serious blogger then you should assure the quality of your blog post before publishing it. A good written article can help you in many ways. You can get voluntary backlinks from many websites, if you write a content that is worth linking to. By following a systematic approach you can maintain the quality of your blog posts/articles. We shall explore those later in this article.
As we all know content is the soul of an article. If you want to write a quality post you need to take care of every single thing related to it. Quality content is something which is optimized for your readers as well as the search engines. Don't ever try to put extra efforts and over optimize your content for Search engines, because the algorithms like Google Penguin and Panda could penalize you. By extra efforts I mean black hat SEO tricks, hidden texts, paid links etc. These are bad SEO practices and you may be excluded from being indexed among the search results. For writing quality content you need to take care of a few things such as the size of content, content niche, keywords, Images, internal links, external links etc. Now we shall discuss these things in detail so that you could get an idea of what I am saying.

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How To Write Quality Content

Content Size:

Content Size is measured by the number of words it contains. It is hard to say what the ideal size of an article is because it varies from blog to blog. Some blogs write for breaking news and other information that could not be elaborated, on the contrary some blogs write for tutorials, tips/tricks and reviews (like we do) which takes comparatively higher number of words to explain everything. As per some SEO experts an ideal blog post length should be at least 400+ words but as I said it totally depends upon the blog niche, so you need to find out what is the ideal post length that you need to write. I try to write 400-800 words articles for my blog. But sometimes it is not possible to write even 400 words. In that case, do not try to repeat the lines to increase the post size. It does not look good and readers hate it, so as the search engines. You should also learn how to optimize your blog post title.

Keywords density

Keywords are those few words around which your article revolves. You need to maintain a healthy keyword density in your article. 2-3% keyword density is considered a good one. You can mention these keywords anywhere in the article. But it is recommended to use most of them in the post title and the introductory paragraph. But do not over stuff keywords in your articles; it is not considered a good SEO practice. You should try Google Analytics for keyword research best suited for your article.


Spellings, Grammar and punctuation are very important to write a quality articles. Your online users and search engines like the content which is written in proper English. You need to take care of the Grammar and spells as well. I recommend you to write your articles in the Word processing software like Microsoft word and enable spell & grammar check so that it could warn you when you mistakenly used wrong spells or grammar.


Images are used to explain the article content. It depends upon the nature of an article that how many images are to be posted along with it. Like in the tutorials you need to write big articles and at the same time you need to post more images than in simple articles. It does not only depend upon the number of images you use in your articles but it also depend how optimized your images are. Images without Alt and title tags are useless. You need to optimize your article images as well. Image title tag will explain the content to your online readers and alt tag will explain it to the search engine robots. You should learn how to optimize images.

Internal linking

Internal linking is another factor that helps you write a quality article. Don't let your user search for more explanations outside your blog. Mention internal links to your old articles to explain your new articles in a better way. Internal linking is also important in SEO optimization and to get better Google Rank. Check out the importance of internal linking in SEO and Blogging.

External links

External links are the links referring to some other website or blog outside your blog. It is not recommended to include too many external links in your blog. It is not considered good for SEO as well because it will increase the bounce rate of blog. Try to mention external links only in the guest posts. If it is required to add external links in your articles other than the guest articles mark those external links nofollow, so that it could not result in page rank sculpting.

I hope by following these few but very important points you can assure the quality of your articles. To summarize all in a few words, I would say that Ideal/Quality content should be user friendly and optimized for the search engines as well. If you think there is something left untold in this article, you can comment here. I will update it in this article.

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