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7 tips to boost seo of your blog

Hello Readers, In this post we will check out some really good tips to boost the overall SEO of your blog. The meaning of SEO has changed over the years and with the recent updates of  search engine algorithms, it has become more crucial. The search engine algorithms like Panda and Penguin like authority, uniqueness and quality of your blog, So it is important that you work on improving the on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO of your blog. In this article i will take you through some tips that you can follow to improve and boost your blog’s SEO.
tips to boost SEO

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Tips to boost SEO

Search Engine Visibility:

 Make sure that you have enabled the search engine visibilty for your blog. You should submit your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines so that they could get to know about your blog. In this way you can invite search engines to index your site and get your pages/articles indexed on different search engines. You should also consider signing up for Goolge Analytics to closely track the performance of your blog.

Social Media:

Social Media has become a vital need of blogging and with the new search engines updates it is playing an important role in blogging. It gives you a way to connect with your audience and also make it easy for you to share and engage in conversations with your readers. Blogs with good social stats are always liked by Search engines and they are ranked higher.

Post Summary:

Always use pagination and post summary for your blog. You should allow 5-7 posts to be displayed on every page with only the introductory paragraph, rest of the article should be displayed on the full post page. It will not only help you to increase page views of your blog but also the Seo of your blog.


Always add a few closely related post links in your article. It will allow the link juice to flow with in your blog and help you to improve the Google Page rank of your blog. Interlinking will also help the search engines to crawl and index your site properly.


Well, keywords are important but that does not mean you can add as many as you can. Always maintain 2-3% of keyword density in your articles, more will hurt your site’s performance. Keywords should be added in the introductory paragraph and title first and then in the rest of the article’s body.

Meta Tags

Meta tags holds the useful information about your blog. This information is handy for SEO as the search engines read this information and get to know about your site’s content. You should know the importance of meta tags, how to add and optimize them.


Your blog should have a nice and clean layout. It should have a navigation/menu bar which will allow your visitors to visit all of your site’s pages from your homepage. It will not only help your readers to get to know about your site’s pages/content but also help the search engines.

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