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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

W3C validation for blogger XHTML blog templates

Hello Readers, in this post we will learn how to minimize Blogger XHTML errors to validate it for W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Unziptech has always shared useful articles for blogging and SEO optimization tips. This post focuses on the same category and a very important topic W3c validation. You might have not noticed this thing yet, but all the blogger templates have some or many XHTML errors which may lead to slower page loads and crawl errors on your blog. There is one more thing that you should know about these errors that completely removing these errors is nearly impossible because of some server side coding in the templates. So we will learn how to minimize these errors in this article.

W3C validation XHTML blogger template

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Increase Blog traffic by Optimizing images-SEO TIPS

Hello Readers, Unziptech has always been sharing useful articles for Blogging and SEO tips. This post will make you learn how to increase your blog traffic by optimizing your Blog images. Images are very important for our Blog posts. We add images to our blog post to make people better understand about our posts and if you optimize your images before uploading them you can boost/increase your blog traffic to a great extend. We always focus on the blog content for SEO but images plays equally important role in SEO.
SEO optimization

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to make all external links nofollow in Blogger

Hello Readers, in this article i will tell you how to make all the external links on your blogger blog nofollow using Jquery. If you are blogging for a while now you must be aware of the importance of nofollow external links. This is very useful trick for every Blogger. Applying "external no-follow" tag to all the external links on your blog will help you improve your SEO and prevent page sculpting. Too many External links on your blog may degrade the SEO as well as Google page ranks. Sometimes people just spam on your Blog with their links in the comment section or you add some social icons/widgets to your blogs that has external links, in that case this little trick will help you.
Make all External links Nofollow

Saturday, 20 April 2013

How to use Google Adword keyword Tools

Hello Readers, We all know SEO plays an important role in Blogging. Every Blogger wants to have best SEOed Blog, so that he/she could drive plenty of organic traffic to their blogs. For that you need to analyze best performance keywords for your Blog and post. Keyword analysis is very important and there are many tools that can help you for doing this. Google, one of the best Search Engines has a tool for keywords analysis which is named Google Adwords Keyword Tools. If you are new to Blogging and you want to write good articles then you need to maintain a healthy keyword density in your posts. By maintaining 2-3% keyword density in your articles you can optimize your posts for better SEO.

Google Adwords keyword tools

Friday, 19 April 2013

Prevent redirecting Blogger Blog to Country Specific URL

Hello Readers, continue posting on Blogging and SEO tips. Unziptech has already shared many useful articles on this topic and this post focuses on the effect of redirection of your Blogger blog url to ccTLD. You must have noticed this thing in past few months that now every blogger blog's url points to its country level url. That means if a person from India try to access your blog with a .com TLD it will redirect to .in ccTLD itself. Google has implemented this thing to maintain the regional censorship on your Blog's content.

Prevent Blogger ccTLD Redirect

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Make Blogger comments Nofollow

Hello Readers, in this post we will learn how to make your blogger comments section nofollow. Nofollow is the flag which tells the search engines that the hyperlink is not relevant and they can skip the link. Adding nofollow flag to your comments section will improve the SEO of your blog. Sometimes people visit your blog and leave hyperlinks in your comments section. They do spamming in the comments section. If you do not add a nofollow attribute to it; it will degrade your site's or blog's SEO. Google along with other search engines like Yahoo and Bing skip the external nofollow hyperlinks that means if you have a nofollow hyperlink in your comment section search engines will not crawl them.
add nofollow attribute in blogger

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to Optimize Post title for better SEO

Hello Readers, I have been writing on this blog for almost 2 months now and i have shared many useful articles about SEO and Blogging tips. This article focuses on SEO with the help of a little trick with your Post titles. We all know how important SEO is for your Blog and websites. SEO or Search Engine Optimization allows your blog/websites to be discovered by the search Engines and then they are included into the search results. Better SEO will take you to the first page of the search results and hence you will have more chances to get be clicked, that means Better SEO rewards you with free search or organic traffic which is very important.
Seo tips for google Blogger

Saturday, 30 March 2013

How to increase blog traffic easy tips

Hello Readers, I am sharing a few blogging and seo tips with you in this post that will help you getting a lot of traffic. Traffic is the count of people visiting your blog or website. On this basis Alexa rank your website. This is also a benchmark that signifies the popularity of your website or blog. A blog with good amount of traffic will help you getting good revenues from your blog’s content as well. Almost every blogger writes to generate income from their blogs and this is possible only if plenty of visitors come to your blog daily. Your blog will be easily approved for ads program like Adsense if you have a good amount of traffic to your blog. 

How to increase blog traffic easily

Friday, 29 March 2013

10 Killer SEO tips for bloggers

Hello Readers, This post will talk about SEO and how to optimize your Blog/Website for better results. We all know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But why is this so important to every one? You will find the answer to this very important question reading this post. There are a lot of plugins available in wordpress that helps in SEO; I won’t talk about those in this post. This post will focus more on how to do SEO for Google Blogspot aka Blogger. Blogger is most widely used free blogging platform, many people use blogger including me for various reasons. But in this post we will focus on SEO; I will list a few things that you can do to make your blogspot blog an SEO friendly blog.

Killer SEO tips for Bloggers